March 20, 2008

Another cold windy day, like everyone else we’ll be bo happy when spring arrives.

I am trying to crochet 50 scrubbies for the Mennonite Relief Sale and also knitting all cotton dish cloths for the sale.

I reached my goal to crochet 50 scrubbies for the Sale.

I’ve always liked Irish sayings

May the road rise to meet you.”

May the wind be always at your back.”

“May the sun shine warm upon your face”

.”May the rain fall soft upon your fields.”

“And, until we meet again

“May God hold you in the palm of his hand.”


Dime Stores

February 24, 2007

Dime stores were a fun place to go and one could get almost anything one needed.
This article brought back fond memories of going to the dime store.
–Just for the fun of it–
(from the magazine TOWN JOURNAL, April, 1956)

“Gifts that would delight me For A Dollar or less.”   Byline Virginia Whitman

“It’s a standing joke about women and dime stores, but that’s where I like my friends to shop for my gifts.   I wear a glamorous housecoat maybe once a week-but I’m sure to dust furniture at least 100 times a year, peel potatoes around 200 times and wash dishes better than 500 times.

I’m grateful every day to the friend who substituted a vegetable peeler for my paring knife.  It cost her a dime to do it!  And that little copper-mesh ball on my sink tumbled out of a holiday package.  I think warmly of the giver each time I scrape a pan and save my nails.

Someone also presented me with a couple of loosely knit, treated cloths-they must be magnetized, the way dust clings to them.   I’d never have bought them for myself, chronic procrastinator that I am!

The other day, a friend gave me a little squeeze-bottle that squirts a fine stream to banish rust stains.   Could you beat that for 100 cents or less.

My gift set of aluminum scoops may have crowded the dollar limit, but how handy they are.   The biggest went into my flour canister, next size into the sugar, and so on.   My metal pick-ups (long live their donor!) are handy for grasping hot foods such as roasting ears, string beans and baked potatoes.

Now I am not hinting.  But in any dime-store houseware section, you can find: kitchen shears, a set of metal skewers, pickle and ice-cube tongs.   Also a crimper to Fancy-up pie crusts, a cheese slicer and fancy molds for extra special desserts.

A large, wooden mixing spoon; a pronged metal “frog” for flower arrangements; coasters, plastic spears for appetizers,a pint-size measuring cup,  a platoon of clothespins or bouncy sponge.    Thank you very much!


February 6, 2007

The other evening was the first time I went to a Hockey game.  I went with a group of friends.  My knowledge of the game increased immensely.   It was in our twin cities new coliseum.  I thought it would be quite cold in the arena but I was dressed warmly.  The noisy level was–LOUD LOUDER and LOUDEST.

Another first for me is playing the FreeCell Game on my computer which I spend to much time on it.    I think it is becoming addiction. Solitaire on the computer has taken a back seat to The FreeCell Game.

Today is a good day to stay inside as it has been snowing since 6:00a.m. and it just stopped about 2:00p.m.   I think it snowed between 4-5 inches.   That is a guess.

Heros of World War II

January 27, 2007

This was written several days ago but I loss it in trying to paste it on my blog site.   So I’ll rewrite it again.

Several days ago, actually almost a month ago I had read an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune about a man with others saved 5000 people in Poland during World War II.

“Dr Eugene Lasowski held disease-wary Nazis at bay and saved hundred of his Polish countrymen-Jews and Gentiles alike-from slave labor and death by creating a fake typhus epidemic in a dozen villages during World War II.”

‘A fellow doctor in Poland, Stanislaw Matulewicz, had discovered that an injection of a particular bacterial strain would cause the person receiving it to test positive for typhus and suffer no ill effect.’

When blood samples were given to the Germans they were afraid of an epidemic thus they quarantine the area which had about 8,000 people.

Another story of heroics:

Le Chambon a small Protestant French village in southern France  saved more the 5,000 Jews, in full view of the Vichy government and a nearby division of the Nazi SS,  Great reading in the book by Philip P. Hallie, LEST INNOCENT BLOOD BE SHED.

Highlights of 2006

January 5, 2007

The highlight of 2006 was my husband and my 50th anniversary.   Our siblings helped us celebrate with a family dinner at a very nice restaurant.  We were sorry that my sister in a nursing home couldn’t celebrate with us. Two nieces and a nephew was at the dinner.

The two of us went to Dury Lane at Oak Brook theater to see    “nunsensations” which we enjoyed very much.  We stayed over night at a nice motel.

The first of May my youngest sister and I went to May Day at Bluffton University, Bluffton, OH.   We both graduated from there and it was my 55th anniversary .  It was fun to see old friends.  Our stay was shortened as we were notified that my husband oldest sister had died in Southern Indiana.  She was 97 years old.

I drove out to Ohio in a new car that we had purchased the week before.  That was a pleasant experience to drive that far in a new  Mercury Montego.  My sister helped drive home as I had to drive to Indiana after I picked my husband up.

New Years weekend we celebrated my brother’s 80th birthday in Birmingham, AL.  Earlier in the day his family had a reunion and later he was surprised birthday party.  We had a good car trip to Alabama and back home.

Happy New Year wishing every one a healthy year.

Christmas Prayer

December 24, 2006

Christmas Prayer

God grant you peace at Christmas
And fill your heart with cheer;
God grant you health and happiness
Throughout the coming year.
God guide you with His wisdom
And keep you in His Care;
This is our special wish for you–
This is our Christmas prayer.
-Author unknown

The fruit of Silence is prayer.
The fruit of Prayer is faith.
The fruit of Faith is love.
The fruit of Love is service.
The fruit of Service is peace.
… Mother Teresa

Broken tooth

October 31, 2006

Broken tooth
Friday evening as I was brushing and flossing my teeth I felt a hard piece in my mouth.   It was from one of my upper teeth that had broken off.  fortunately is was a piece from the back of the tooth and it did not hurt.

So Monday morning as early as I could I called my dentist and got an appointment for Tuesday morning.

This morning Halloween, I went to my dentist and I was accosted by all kinds of bugs, spiders and devil horns.    The dental hygienist and others wore bugs or other such creepy things on their heads.   The Dentist had the devil horns on his head and I laughing told him I was not sure I wanted the devil to work on my tooth.  It was a fun beginning and they even took a picture while I was it the dentist chair.  The procedure wasn’t too uncomfortable. My lip still feels three times as big as normal.   The area was frozen.

I was concerned that the tooth would have to be capped but that wasn’t necessary.   He was able to fill it and we are hoping that it will hold.